What you Need to Know About Backyard Building Permits In Winnipeg

June 23, 2022
Most people don’t know they need a permit to build their deck project or how to acquire it. Almost every modern deck project will require a permit, especially if it is two feet off the ground or has more than one level. We’ve compiled a list of what you need to know about getting a permit in Winnipeg.

When do you need a permit?

A common question we get asked is – how do I know if I need a permit?

If you are not familiar with the permit process, it can be overwhelming to figure out if your deck requires a permit or not. We’ve written down the six typical backyard projects that require a permit from your municipality.

  1. The deck has a total surface area of over 3.4m2 (36 square feet) in size
  2. The deck surface is higher than 600mm (2 feet)
  3. All sunrooms and enclosed areas
  4. Hot tubs and pools – please note that hot tubs require both an electrical and building permit
  5. Enclosing an existing deck and pool
  6. Solid fuel-burning appliances – such as a wood stove and fireplace

What deck requirements must you follow?

A few requirements must be met when building a deck, no matter the size of the project. The first is that the deck must be 25 feet from the back property line.

Secondly, overhead power supply conductors need to be a minimum of 3.5 meters (11 ft 6 in) between the deck and overhead lines. Hydrometers on the house must maintain a certain height above the deck and may need to be relocated to follow the guidelines set by Manitoba Hydro.*

*For more information concerning your hydrometer placement, please contact them directly.

Jennifer and Jason (left) are pictured with City of Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman. Jennifer was proud to be asked to a part of a business committee to help our officials streamline processes and reduce the amount of red tape at our city’s permit office. Most of the clients of Deck City require building permits for the projects they design.

“We have a lot of experience in working with the permit office and wanted to provide constructive feedback for the good of all. As a result of this effort we were invited to our permit office to for further consultation. Hats off to our officials and the leaders at the permit office for allowing us to participate. We really appreciated the opportunity and are more than willing to offer our consult going forward.”
— Jennifer Thiessen

Information Needed for Winnipeg Permit Applications

Here is a list of the paperwork and information required when applying for a permit in Manitoba:

  • Two copies of a site plan that includes street names and lot dimensions
  • Location of all buildings/structures on the property
  • Dimensions of the proposed structure (length, width, height, or depth)
  • Dimensions of the proposed structure in relation to property lines and other existing structures (if applicable)
  • Two (2) copies of the construction and elevation plans detailing how the deck will be constructed
  • A completed copy of the “Check List for Wood Decks” is found at the back of this brochure
  • The information on the checklist must match your permit drawings

Winnipeg Permit Application Process

There are many factors involved in determining when you will receive your permit. Timing is a significant factor when applying for a permit. If it is during the warmer months of summer and spring, the application can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks. However, applying for the permit during the off-season and colder months can come as quickly as 1 to 2 weeks.

Full Disclosure: we will complete the entire permit process, including design approval from an engineer, permit application, and the final inspection when hired for a project! We strive to provide a quick and seamless experience from the start of the design to the final nail in the deck.

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