The Secret for Amazing Backyard Entertainment is in the Lighting!

The best backyard entertaining spaces all have one thing in common, LIGHTING! Intentional lighting placement is the key to elevating your dream backyard with minimal effort! Lighting a backyard is often the last thing that comes to mind when building a deck, often regarded as an accessory rather than a necessity – this could not be farther from the truth!

Why Lighting is Important

Adding strategically placed lights around the backyard or deck area can elevate any space and provide an inviting atmosphere at night. Light features are not just for aesthetic purposes; additionally, they give homeowners a sense of safety. A well-lit backyard can provide additional security by discouraging theft and crime by having the backyard well-lit when it gets dark.

What to Consider When Thinking About Deck Design:

Choosing the right lighting features for a backyard can be overwhelming. These three questions can help narrow down the decision.

  • Placement: do you want lighting around the stairs, deck, or pathways into the backyard?
  • Purpose: Is the backyard for entertaining or for practical use?
  • Focal Point: is there something you want to highlight (fireplace, BBQ area, sitting area)?

Lighting Ideas

After deciding where to place the lights, there are still numerous lighting designs. Here are a few options that can help point you in the right direction when designing a backyard space.

Stair Lights: Having lights built into the stairs improves your deck’s overall safety while adding style and warmth. Stairs can often be hard to see in the dark. Adding lights can lower the risk of injury.
Pathway Lights: This versatile option is perfect for the backyard or the driveway. Pathway lights provide a clear view of the path in front of you to reduce falling accidents. It is ideal for large yards that have a pathway leading to a firepit or sitting area.
Deck Lights: This is the most common option when designing a backyard project and for obvious reasons. Decks are perfect for entertaining in the summer nights. There are a variety of designs and options available for adding lighting to your deck. Designs range from statement hanging lights to subtle options and everything in-between.
Pergola/Gazebo Lights: Adding lights to a pergola or gazebo expands the outdoor living space and allows homeowners to use the area more. It can provide an inviting atmosphere that is perfect for entertaining during summer nights or quiet evenings enjoying the summer season.

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