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Your Gateway to Elegant Outdoor Living

Sunrooms by Deck City represent a harmonious blend of indoor comfort and outdoor beauty, redefining the concept of home extensions. More than just adding space, these sunrooms invite you to experience your living area in a whole new light, embodying elegance, comfort, and a seamless connection with nature.

Imagine stepping into a space where the warmth of your home meets the charm of the outdoors. Sunrooms by Deck City are not just structures; they are gateways to a refreshed lifestyle, merging the coziness of your indoor environment with the allure of the natural world. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds – the security and comfort of your home with the beauty and openness of nature.

Crafted with precision and a keen eye for aesthetics, each sunroom is a testament to Deck City’s commitment to excellence. From the initial design concept to the final touches, every element is thoughtfully considered to ensure your sunroom is not only a beautiful addition to your home but also a space where memories are made and treasured.

Customized Elegance in Design

At the heart of Deck City’s approach is a deep respect for your personal style and space needs. Each sunroom is designed and built to reflect your individual taste as well as complement the existing character of your home. Our team of architectural designers collaborates closely with you, harnessing their expertise to turn your vision into reality.

Picture a space tailored just for you – whether it’s a cozy nook for quiet afternoons or a vibrant area for entertaining guests, your sunroom becomes a reflection of your lifestyle. The customization process is a journey of discovery, where your preferences guide the design, ensuring that the final product is not just an addition, but a natural extension of your home.

Unmatched Expert Craftsmanship

Deck City’s legacy of over 30 years in carpentry is evident in every sunroom we build. Our craftsmanship is a blend of tradition and innovation, ensuring each sunroom stands the test of time both in durability and style. The meticulous attention to detail is visible in the choice of materials, the precision of construction, and the flawless finishes that define our sunrooms.

From the selection of high-quality materials to the skilled execution of the design, every aspect of the construction process is handled with utmost care. This commitment to excellence ensures that your sunroom is not only a beautiful space but also a durable and lasting addition to your home.

Creating a Seamless Transition

The essence of a Deck City sunroom lies in its ability to create a fluid connection between your indoor and outdoor environments. Thoughtfully designed doors and windows play a pivotal role in this, offering ease of access while ensuring a harmonious flow. The transition is so seamless that moving from your home to your sunroom feels like a natural extension of your living space.

This integration is more than just physical; it’s a blending of experiences – the comfort of being indoors with the freshness and openness of being outside. It’s about opening up new perspectives, where the boundaries between inside and outside are beautifully blurred, offering a unique way to experience your home and surroundings.

Versatility for Every Occasion

The versatility of Deck City’s sunrooms is unmatched. Whether it’s a serene morning enjoying a cup of coffee or an evening of entertainment with friends, these spaces are designed to accommodate your every need. The adaptability of the sunroom makes it suitable for any occasion, morphing seamlessly from a quiet, personal space to a vibrant, social setting. Your sunroom can become whatever you need it to be – a playroom for children, a home office, a dining area, or a lounge for relaxation. It’s not just about adding space, it’s about enhancing your lifestyle and providing a flexible area for a variety of activities and experiences.

Customization Options for Sunrooms

Embark on an enchanting journey with Deck City, where we transform outdoor spaces into personalized havens inspired by nature. Our design process, guided by the principles of biophilic design, seamlessly integrates natural elements. Each choice in materials and architectural forms resonates with the outdoor environment, creating living spaces in harmony with nature. The customization journey is paramount, and our designers serve as your guides. Navigating through choices, they ensure each selection aligns with your vision. At Deck City, we celebrate the beauty of nature, crafting landscapes where every detail reflects your unique connection with the outdoors.

Every homeowner’s dream is to have a space that truly reflects their personality and style. This is where Deck City shines, offering an array of customization options for your sunroom. Whether it’s selecting the right style, size, or features, our design team works with you to ensure every aspect of your sunroom aligns with your vision. Imagine being part of the process of choosing each material down to the windows, doors, and shingles to match your home’s architecture. With our expertise, we guide you through these decisions, ensuring your sunroom is not only beautiful but also practical and sustainable.

The Construction Process Explained

Understanding the construction process is crucial for homeowners. Deck City prides itself on transparency, guiding you through each step of building your dream sunroom. From the initial consultation to the final installation, our team keeps you informed and involved.

This journey begins with a detailed assessment of your space, followed by design approvals and material selection. Our experienced craftsmen then take over, bringing the design to life. We ensure minimal disruption to your daily life, aiming for a smooth, efficient, and timely construction process.

Detailed Assessment

Design Approval & Material Selection

Construction & Implementation

The longevity and style of your sunroom heavily depend on the materials used. Deck City’s selection of high-quality materials ensures your sunroom is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and long-lasting. We offer a range of options, from traditional wood to modern composites, each selected for their quality, durability, and visual appeal.

Landscape Integration and Outdoor Access

A key aspect of sunroom design is integrating it seamlessly with your outdoor landscape. Deck City excels in creating sunrooms that offer effortless access to your garden or backyard, blending the indoors with the outdoors. The design ensures that your sunroom feels like a natural extension of your living space, enhancing your connection with nature.

Sunroom Success Stories

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What customization options are available for my sunroom?

Design Style: Deck City offers two distinct sunroom models: The Ambroise and The Bradshaw. The Ambroise features a pine interior with customizable options, while The Bradshaw is a timber-framed structure designed for a more rustic, cottage-like escape. Each roofline is customized to complement and integrate seamlessly with your home. Every aspect of the sunroom is fully customizable to meet your specific size and dimension requirements.

Material Selections: The Ambroise model offers a variety of window options, including glass windows and Weatherwall windows. The Bradshaw model exclusively uses Weatherall windows in a range of different colours and tints. The choice of flooring materials depends on the room’s function and your specific needs. Our designers will guide you through a variety of customizable flooring options.

Additional Features: Deck City specializes in custom designs, allowing you to add features like ceiling fans, fireplaces, mantles, ornate shelves, benches, planters, and hot tubs for an opulent and personalized look.

What types of materials do you use for sunrooms?

The materials used in constructing sunrooms play a crucial role in aesthetics, durability and maintenance needs. Deck City utilizes a variety of high-quality materials, which includes:

Framing: All of our sunrooms are framed and constructed out of wood. The Bradshaw model is a timber-frame structure which is framed with pressure treated lumber. The Ambroise model is framed with spruce and offers different options for the exterior and interior finishes.

Windows: There are a few options to choose from based on the style of your sunroom. For the Bradshaw model, we exclusively use Weatherwall windows, which offer different colour options for the frame and different tints for the vinyl itself. The Ambroise model allows us to choose between glass windows, which can be picture windows, casement or sliding windows and vinyl Weatherwall windows.

Flooring: There are a variety of different flooring options to choose from, and are typically chosen based on your room’s function and specific needs. Some options include carpet, vinyl decking, PVC, composite decking and pressure-treated wood.

How long does the construction process take?

The construction timeline is influenced by various factors, including city permits, project complexities in drafting, site-specific challenges such as grading, weather conditions, material availability, and the overall scope of the project.

Design and Planning: From the on-site consultation to contract signing, the design process typically takes 3-4 weeks.

Permitting: The permitting process plays a significant factor in the preparation timeline. A development permit can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks, and a building permit can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks with the City of Winnipeg. These permits are required prior to starting construction.

Construction: Deck City provides estimated timelines, and regular updates are given to ensure clients understand the project’s progress. The project timeline varies based on the project’s scale and complexity.

How does a sunroom integrate with my existing landscape?

Design Process: The design process is the heartbeat of Deck City, ensuring that the sunroom seamlessly integrates with your existing landscaping. It allows us to understand your vision, assess the unique features of your outdoor space, and create a design that harmonizes with the natural surroundings.

Flow: A well-integrated sunroom provides a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. It creates a cohesive, inviting space where you can connect with nature, enjoy the beauty of your landscaping, and experience the outdoors without sacrificing comfort. Natural elements are carefully considered in the design process. The placement of windows, choice of materials, and overall layout are thoughtfully designed to maximize sunlight, capture scenic views, and immerse you in the beauty of your landscape.

Design Consistency: Our design team collaborates closely with clients throughout the process. By engaging in open communication, we ensure that your preferences, ideas, and aspirations are woven into the design. This collaborative approach guarantees that the sunroom becomes an organic extension of your landscaping. The design process goes beyond functional considerations. It focuses on aesthetics, allowing us to create a sunroom that not only integrates with your landscaping but also enhances the overall beauty of your outdoor space.

Landscaping Elements: Whether it’s working around existing trees, incorporating garden elements, or addressing any challenges in the landscape, our design process is flexible and adaptable. We consider every aspect to create a sunroom that seamlessly fits into your outdoor environment. Customization is at the core of our design process. It enables us to tailor the sunroom to your specific preferences and the unique features of your landscaping. This ensures a cohesive and natural integration that aligns with your dreams for the space. Our design process involves a comprehensive needs assessment, where we explore what works for you and what doesn’t in your yard. This in-depth understanding allows us to design a sunroom that not only complements but enhances your existing landscaping.

Outdoor Living Areas: At Deck City, we believe in the artistry of nature-inspired design, crafting outdoor spaces that seamlessly merge with the environment. Our design process is an intricate dance with the outdoors, embracing natural elements to create stunning spaces. We meticulously integrate sunlight, greenery, and scenic views into every design, ensuring a harmonious connection between indoor and outdoor living. The result is not just a deck or sunroom but a captivating extension of nature, inviting you to unwind in the serenity of your own outdoor haven. Our commitment to crafting beautiful spaces goes beyond construction; it’s an ode to the inherent beauty of the great outdoors.

What is the difference between a 3- and 4-season room?

A 3-season room can be built on a properly supported deck. It is attached to your home but is not calculated as adding square footage to your home’s footprint. A 3-season addition should not have insulation to allow for adequate ventilation.

A 4-season room will be built on a grade beam foundation. It is calculated as part of your home’s square footage and will have heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

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Why Are 3-Season Rooms So Popular in Winnipeg?

3-season rooms are popular because they create the quiet, tranquil getaway only steps outside your back door. They are much more affordable than adding an additional room to your home. They are also guaranteed to provide insect-free enjoyment in the great outdoors! They create the quiet, tranquil getaway only steps outside your back door…

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Embark on a journey with Deck City to create your dream sunroom, a space where elegance meets comfort, and indoor living seamlessly blends with the beauty of the outdoors. Explore our gallery, be inspired, and let us help you write the next chapter of your home’s story.

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