How long has Deck City been in business?

We have been in business since 2004. We’ve had the opportunity to work on many unique projects during our 15 years of business! Our showroom has been located at the current location 214 St. Mary’s Road since 2016.

Where are you located?

Our showroom and office are located at 214 St. Mary’s Road.

Do you have a showroom where there are examples of work you have done?

Yes, we have a showroom that features designs & pictures of the projects we’ve completed. We also have samples at our showroom of the products that we use for our projects.

Do you offer a free consultation?

We offer free consultations in our showroom. To book an appointment please call 204-272-0610.

Do you offer design services?

We specialize in design services. All our projects start with the development of a custom design of your back yard.

Why don't you come to our home first?

Many people call us and say they need a deck in their back yard and ask us to meet them at their home. Over the years, we have found we can serve our clients much more efficiently if they first come to our showroom. Here’s why:

  • We can readily show you dozens of pictures and options in the convenience of our showroom. We find that most homeowners need to see all the options laid out to them before any decisions can be made.
  • Most people don’t know what calls for a building permit and what doesn’t. By coming to our showroom, we can clearly explain this and if it does, layout the process and potential timelines. Moreover, other permissions may be required for special building needs.
  • Wood vs. Composite? Probably the most expensive decision about building a deck is the choice between building with wood or “plastic wood” commonly referred to as composite. The latter is up to three times more expensive but is going to keeps its colors and shape years longer than wood. By coming to our showroom first, we can show you several examples of both wood and composite and explain the pros and cons.
  • We have many samples of the products we use to help you visualize your project. We have samples of composite decking, privacy screens, railings, screen room panels, shade options and outdoor kitchen cabinets.

Are all your decks and backyards custom designed?

All our backyard project designs are customized for your home. After your initial visit to our showroom, we will go to your home, take pictures and measure up your space for your design. We will also do a search with the local permit office to learn more about your back yard. We will also have the power of the knowledge we gleaned from our first meeting in our showroom. We will ask you questions to ensure you get every detail we need for your projects, such as if you have pets, if you dream to have a hot-tub installed three years from now or which side the sun sets and rises. Getting this information is very important and will help us create your dream back yard!

Why do you say you offer a luxurious dream backyard?

Many people come to us with an idea of what their dream backyard should look like. Our job is to bring the dream to life, and we have never found anyone’s dream backyard to be less than luxurious.

Do you provide any other services in addition to deck building?

Our services include:

  • Screen rooms
  • Sunrooms
  • Multi-level decks
  • Patios and landscaping
  • Shade solutions
  • Privacy options

Want to customize your space? Let us know! We have a very talented team that can customize your space for example adding custom planters, benches, etc.

What are your guarantees and/or warranty on the work you do?

We offer a 2 year workmanship warranty and we deal with manufacturers for you in regards to submitting any warranty items for the materials used. If you have an issue after the project is complete just contact our office and we will arrange for someone to come out to your home. It is very important to us that you are 100% satisfied.

Can you provide references for the work you do?

We are happy to provide references for the work we do. If it’s possible and the homeowner will be available to meet you at their property and answer questions, we will gladly schedule a time for you to see the project.

How can you make sure you don’t damage my yard when it becomes a construction site or zone?

We do our very best to protect your lawn and yard during the construction phase of the project. We use mats to run our equipment on and tarps to contain the sawdust. We will contact you if any mishaps occur during construction and arrange repairs at our expense. We always have you and your properties best interests in mind.

Will your work crew require to enter my home for any reason during the construction phase?

Our work crew will not be required to enter your home for any reason during the construction phase unless discussed and agreed to beforehand. Deck City hires local reputable companies to provide outdoor portable bathrooms at all our job sites.

Is there anything you can do to help us manage the payments?

When we design your dream back yard we always provide you with three or more options to choose from in our proposal. The options are scalable and can be conveniently agreed to in phases. Phase 1 is usually the deck build. Phase 2 is the patio, planters and other accessories surrounding the deck. Phase 3 is the full build of the entire backyard and may include extra shade solutions such as a pergola and or privacy screens and complete landscaping. Our customers really appreciate this as it allows them to get started with a deck and consider other phases down the road when it makes sense for them.

How long does the building process take?

Each designed project varies and can take a week to a few weeks depending on size and sometimes weather. The application and settlement of a building permit is usually the reason a project will slow down or take several more weeks than expected. At Deck City we have years of experience in working with the city of Winnipeg permit office and in recent years have gained a considerable amount of rapport.

Do you take care of applying for permits with the city or municipality?

Yes, we take care of applying for and acquiring your building permits.

Do you work with the architect or engineer to obtain all the stamped drawings if required?

Yes when it calls for it, we work with engineers and or architects to obtain all the technical and stamped drawings required.

How long does it take from design approval to getting started with the installation?

Once you have settled on the details of the design, we provide you with several options to get started on implementation. Once agreed, we will insert your project into our schedule. In the meanwhile, we will get started with the application for a building permit with the city or municipality if required. The latter process can sometimes take up to 4-6 weeks. Having said that, the process is a lot longer in the building season vs. the winter or early spring or late fall.

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