Uzwyshyn Case Study

Reviving Dreams: The Uzwyshyns’
Journey to a Backyard Oasis with Deck City

Evhan and Sylvia Uzwyshyn eagerly anticipated their retirement as an opportunity to transform their existing home into a cherished “family oasis.” Their 40-year-old residence, featuring a once-celebrated pool and a magnificent greenhouse, held many memories. However, over time, the greenhouse had fallen into disrepair, diminishing the allure of their pool area. The Uzwyshyns yearned to revive the enchantment of this beloved space.

Their initial efforts to restore the greenhouse were met with disappointment when a contractor demolished it and abruptly left, leaving behind a disarrayed pool area. This setback was compounded by city regulations that limited new construction due to the pool’s location near the property line.

In this period of uncertainty, the Uzwyshyns found solace in Deck City. More than just a physical renovation, they sought a space to create lasting memories with their grandchildren, entertain friends, and enjoy their pool. Deck City embraced the challenge, committed to realizing the Uzwyshyns’ vision within the constraints of the local regulations. Although replicating the old greenhouse was not feasible, the team focused on crafting a solution that would both meet the Uzwyshyns’ needs and complement their home’s aesthetic.

The answer came in the form of an elegant sunroom, meticulously designed to blend with the Uzwyshyns’ home and offer sweeping views of the pool and garden. This addition provided a versatile space for family gatherings and outdoor enjoyment, irrespective of weather conditions.

Addressing the issue of leaf debris from nearby trees, Deck City designed a sophisticated arbor around the pool. This structure, with screens extending to the back fence, ensured a leaf-free and secluded pool area, enhancing the overall experience.

The Uzwyshyns were delighted with the result. The new space not only elevated their home but also fulfilled their aspirations. Deck City’s thoughtful approach made them feel appreciated and comprehended, turning their pool area into a beloved retreat for family time and memory creation.

This case study exemplifies Deck City’s ability to convert challenges into innovative solutions, surpassing client expectations. Deck City stands out as not just builders but as creators of dreams, dedicated to comprehending and fulfilling their clients’ intricate needs.

“The transformation Deck City achieved is remarkable. Our pool area is now a haven for our family, a place where we can gather and make the most of every moment. Deck City listened to our needs and turned our vision into a beautiful reality. Our new sunroom and pool area are where we spend most of our joyful days.”

Evhan and Sylvia Uzwyshyn

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