Haviland Case Study

Realizing Dreams:
Crafting the Perfect Sunroom for Al and Liane

In their quest for a perfect sunroom, Al and Liane Haviland embarked on a journey filled with unique challenges and endless possibilities. They were determined to find a space that could whisk them away to their favorite destination – a serene lakeside retreat. However, their search for the ideal sunroom had proved elusive. The ones they encountered felt wrong, like mere add-ons that lacked the essence of their dream.

Their journey took an unexpected turn when they discovered Deck City, a beacon of hope in their quest for the perfect sunroom. It was a chance to bridge the gap between their dreams and reality.

Their foremost challenge was the difficulty Liane faced in visualizing the dream space. Expressing her desires was easy, but translating the vision into concrete design elements seemed like an insurmountable task.

Yet, this was not the only hurdle they had to overcome. The absence of permits for the initial deck construction, an inadequate foundation, and city regulations left them facing a labyrinth of obstacles.

Deck City embraced the challenges and approached them with a blend of creativity and empathy. The design process became an exhilarating journey marked by inventive problem-solving and intuitive thinking.

The magic of the design process lay in its ability to capture intricate details. Each potential obstacle was transformed into a stepping stone, bringing the Havilands’ dream closer to reality.

The result was enchanting – a breathtaking sunroom that overlooked a rejuvenated deck. Custom-designed privacy walls and railings offered Al and Liane a genuine lakeside experience right in their backyard.

However, what left Liane utterly amazed was the inclusion of sunflowers, Liane’s favorite flower, in the design. “I don’t know how you reached into my brain and pulled out exactly what I was hoping for, but you did it so well!” she exclaimed. The sunflowers became a symbolic connection to the couple’s dream retreat and a reminder that their vision had truly come to life.

The design process isn’t just about sketches and blueprints; it’s about seeing dreams through the eyes of the dreamers and it was a journey that unveiled those dreams in 3D immersive experiences. Deck City recognized the importance of creating a space that was both intentional and functional. It was about understanding and listening to the unique desires of each client.

Al and Liane Haviland’s journey, filled with challenges and dreams, culminated in a sunroom that now stands as a testament to the power of the design process. Deck City’s commitment to creativity, listening, and understanding made it possible.

As Al and Liane stepped into their dream sunroom, their words said it all. Liane marveled, “This is the first time I’ve seen a sunroom that looked like it belonged on our house.”

“We were blown away by the sunflower design on the privacy screen. It was beautiful and exactly what we were looking for. I don’t know how Adam did it, but he took the design right out of my mind and put it on paper!”

Al & Liane Haviland

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