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Turning Dreams Into Reality
Vercaigne’s Sunroom Oasis

When Carol and Lavern Vercaigne of Winnipeg, Manitoba set out on their quest to find the perfect sunroom, they knew they were searching for something extraordinary. Their dream was to add a sunroom that seamlessly integrated with their existing home, avoiding the common pitfall of feeling like an afterthought. Their journey led them to Deck City, where they found not only skilled craftsmen but also a team passionate about turning dreams into reality.

Carol and Lavern had searched for months to find a company willing to build them a custom sunroom that didn’t look like an add-on. Frustration was mounting until, almost by chance, they discovered Deck City. While they initially had doubts about whether their vision could be brought to life, they decided to embark on the design process, and what followed was pleasantly surprising.

Deck City’s process began with a thorough assessment of the Vercaignes’ needs and desires. An on-site evaluation allowed the team to identify unique site-specific challenges and opportunities. The design was carefully crafted to not only address these challenges but also take full advantage of the opportunities the site presented.

The result was a custom sunroom with deck space on the side, featuring stunning custom white windows, a beautifully painted pine interior, and a meticulously crafted mantel and fireplace.

Throughout the project, Carol and Lavern were astounded by the quality of workmanship, project management expertise, and the team’s unwavering commitment to bringing their vision to life. From the perfectly positioned lights to the precise choice of colors, every detail was meticulously executed to create the exact space the clients had dreamed of.

Deck City specializes in custom projects, ensuring that every detail aligns with your vision and lifestyle.

The Vercaigne Sunroom Project is a testament to Deck City’s dedication to craftsmanship, project management, and client satisfaction. Every custom design is an opportunity to create spaces that clients can truly call their own. If you have dreams of your own, Deck City is here to turn them into reality. Let our expertise and passion craft a masterpiece that perfectly aligns with your vision and lifestyle.

“Oh my gosh, your team is so great, so respectful. I could not have asked for better. The builders take so much pride in their work, it was a joy to see them working. The design and the build look like something out of a design magazine. You made my dreams come true.”

Carol and Lavern Vercaigne

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