Beaulieu Case Study

Creating Dream Backyard Oasis:
A Small Space Transformation

In the heart of the city, Irene and Kevin Beaulieu found themselves facing a common challenge: a small, muddy backyard that seemed far from becoming the dream oasis they had always longed for. Their aspirations, however, collided as Kevin deemed the space too petite for a deck, while Irene envisioned an elevated retreat. They shared a common desire for a low-maintenance, high-quality space where they could cherish moments with family without the burden of yard work.

Irene and Kevin’s differing opinions presented a unique challenge. Their small backyard demanded innovative solutions, and they had to navigate their conflicting visions. While they were keen on a beautiful and functional space, they questioned whether it was feasible, given the limitations of their small yard. Doubts loomed, and they wondered if their dream backyard was within reach.

Enter Deck City, a team of outdoor living experts. Deck City took on the challenge by presenting the Beaulieus with multiple design options. Through a collaborative process, they carefully considered the advantages and disadvantages of various designs. The key was to ensure the couple was well-informed, enabling them to make a decision that resonated with their desires.

The designs showcased fully functional yet stunning backyard concepts tailored to the space’s limitations. While options ranged from a full patio to an expansive deck, Irene and Kevin found themselves drawn to a unique blend of ideas. A harmonious design emerged, featuring a charming patio adorned with a pergola, a spacious deck, and vibrant new sod. The decision was made, a fusion of dreams and practicality.

Deck City wasted no time in breathing life into the dream. The complex design, which seemed improbable, began to take shape. Every element was meticulously executed, and the result was nothing short of spectacular. The once muddy backyard was transformed into a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing space, exceeding Irene and Kevin’s expectations. The new outdoor oasis was everything they had hoped for, combining the beauty of a patio, the allure of a deck, and the vibrancy of fresh sod.

The project’s outcome was met with overwhelming excitement, joy, and contentment. Irene and Kevin finally had their dream backyard, a true oasis that encapsulated everything they had wished for. It was a space to relax, entertain, and create lasting memories with family and friends. Deck City had turned their dream into a stunning reality.

This journey with Irene and Kevin Beaulieu serves as a testament to Deck City’s unwavering commitment to realizing their clients’ dreams. The case reiterates a valuable lesson: no yard is too small for the design process, and trust in the expertise of the Deck City team is essential for success.

In the end, the Beaulieus’ small backyard was transformed into a luxurious, fully functional, and low-maintenance retreat that defied their initial doubts. The case study illustrates how Deck City’s expertise, combined with the trust and collaboration of their clients, can turn any backyard into a dream oasis. Irene and Kevin now relish their transformed space, a testament to Deck City’s commitment to excellence.

“No yard is too small for the design process.”
Deck City Team

“Deck City exceeded our expectations, and the final result is our dream come true. We couldn’t be happier with the work and the positive experience.”

Irene Beaulieu

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