Case Studies

Irene and Kevin Beaulieu

In the heart of the city, Irene and Kevin Beaulieu found themselves facing a common challenge: a small, muddy backyard that seemed far from becoming the dream oasis they had always longed for…
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Carol and Lavern Vercaigne

When Carol and Lavern Vercaigne of Winnipeg, Manitoba set out on their quest to find the perfect sunroom, they knew they were searching for something extraordinary. Their dream was to add a sunroom that seamlessly…
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Al and Liane Haviland

In their quest for a perfect sunroom, Al and Liane Haviland embarked on a journey filled with unique challenges and endless possibilities. They were determined to find a space that could whisk them away to their favorite destination…
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Evhan and Sylvia Uzwyshyn

Evhan and Sylvia Uzwyshyn eagerly anticipated their retirement as an opportunity to transform their existing home into a cherished “family oasis.”…
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Heather and Roy

Roy and Heather envisioned transforming their outdoor space into a sanctuary for relaxation and entertainment. Their dream included a retreat with shaded areas…
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