5 Reasons Why Building A NEW Deck in the Winter is a Great Idea!

February 1, 2022

1. Enjoy your Deck Earlier in the Season!

The best reason to start building your deck during the winter months is to enjoy your backyard longer during the warmer months of Spring, Summer, and Autumn! You get more time to enjoy your backyard fully.

When starting a deck project in the winter, there is more time to decide on the features you want without compromising on time spent in the backyard. There can be wait times on material, permits, and availability with your contractor during the spring and summer. These wait times are reduced during the winter season, giving you more time to choose the features on your deck!

2. The Permit Office is Not as Busy in the Winter

This one might be surprising to hear, but it is quicker to get your permits approved during the winter or “off-season” than it is during the warmer months. Building permits can take weeks to process during the summer, but it can be as quick as 24 hours in the off-season. This allows the contractors to start the building process and get your deck finished in a matter of weeks rather than months!

3. LESS Damage to your Lawn and Yard!

Manitoba winters are known for snow and below-freezing temperatures. Although it may not be everyone’s favourite season, it can be a positive factor when building a deck because of the frozen ground. The snow and frozen ground protect your grass and garden from damage by supplies and equipment. This natural barrier allows for peace of mind when thinking about the lawn care needed after a deck project!

4. Quicker Process from Start to Finish

Generally, there are lower wait times for materials in the winter, AKA the off-season. Spring and summer are popular seasons to build new decks and other backyard projects, making materials harder to acquire and more expensive. The winter is perfect for getting your material delivered on time and potentially saving money on the costs!

5. Contractors are Available

Another reason to build your deck in the winter is that contractors are available and not completely booked! The colder months are considered the off-season, and business is generally slower than in the spring and summer. This means you won’t have to wait in a queue for a consultation or wait months before contractors start your deck project.

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